Public Hearing for Bylaw 20/2020 Flourish - Municipal Development Plan PASSED


Date:  Monday, April 19, 2021
Start Time:  3:30 pm
End Time:  9:00 pm


City of St. Albert


This a free event.

What's Happening

Please be advised the Public Hearing for Flourish has been adjourned to April 19, 2021 from March 15, 2021.

Bylaw 20/ 2020  if passed, would adopt a new Municipal Development Plan called Flourish- Growing to 100K.  This new plan will inform and guide development in the City to a population of 100,000, over the coming decades.

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Public Hearing Details

Link to March 15, 2021 Video of Public Hearing

Additional Public Input

Additional Correspondence not included in Additional Public Input (above) 


Original March 15 Public Hearing Notice - Bylaw 20/2020

Event Contacts

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