Public Hearing for Bylaws 31 & 32/2021 - South Riel Neighbourhood


Date:  Monday, July 5, 2021
Start Time:  5:00 pm
Continues until completed.


City of St. Albert


This a free event.

What's Happening

The City of St. Albert Public Hearings will be conducted only by electronic means through the ZOOM platform, which will also stream to YouTube.

There are three ways to participate in this public hearing: online through Zoom; in writing via e-mail or by telephone.

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Bylaws 31/2021 & 32/2021 - South Riel Land Use Bylaw & Area Structure Plan Amendments

An application has been made to propose an amendment to change the land use of a site in South Riel from commercial to industrial/commercial.

The site is in central South Riel, directly south of LeClair Way and located at the top of the Richardson Drive loop.  The legal description is Plan 162 4264, Block 3, Lot 1, and the municipal address is 2 Richardson Drive. The site area is 4.7 hectares± (11.7 acres±) and will be accessed from LeClair Way.


Public Hearing Resources

  • Learn more about the public hearing process
    Whether by making an in-person presentation or a written submission, there are many ways to make your voice heard on important matters.
  • Watch the live meeting
    This meeting will be streamed for online viewing at the designated time. Once concluded, a recording will be made available through our video archive within a few business days.
  • Review the meeting agenda
    Note that agendas may not be available until a few days before a meeting. Depending on the meeting type, a minutes document may be made available afterwards.

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