Baking - Working with Whole Grains with Breadlove


Date:  Wednesday, October 6, 2021
Start Time:  6:30 pm
End Time:  9:00pm


46C St. Michael Street ↗


The Public Food Hub Co.


May not include taxes or fees

What's Happening

Come down the rabbit hole with Laura as we explore using whole grains in yeasted and sourdough breads. With an emphasis on locally grown grains including Red Fife, Park, Rye, Emmer (Khorasan) Spelt, Buckwheat and Einkorn (my personal favorite). How do we incorporate into our existing recipes? Includes a discussion on milling your own grains.

Dates October 6 6.30 - 9.00 PM

Classes are at 46 C St Michael Street St Albert. Classes are a combination of demonstration and always include a hands on component.

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