Overcome Anxiety: Communicating in a World of AI and Automation


Date:  Wednesday, November 29, 2023
Start Time:  7:00 pm
End Time:  9:00 pm


St. Albert Catholic High School
33 Malmo Drive ↗

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Aimcrier Toastmaster Club


This is a free event.

What's Happening

Please note this is a hybrid meeting and can be attended in the following ways:

In Person:  In the Library of St. Albert Catholic High School located at 33 Malmo Ave., St. Albert.

Online: Via Zoom
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In our upcoming session on November 29th, we delve into the evolving communication landscape in the era of AI and automation. Learn to navigate and excel in a technology-driven world while maintaining authentic human connections. 

Our meetings provide a platform for individuals to engage in various speaking exercises and spontaneous speech challenges and garner invaluable feedback from adept Toastmasters. Come network with a community driven by personal growth and powerful communication. Step into a realm where trepidation transforms into triumph! Attend the Aimcrier Weekly Toastmaster Meeting, enhance your eloquence, bolster your belief, and create meaningful connections. Can't wait to meet you!

Why this theme?

The future beckons with rapid advancements in AI and automation, transforming how we communicate and interact. This session is a unique opportunity to:

  • Understand the impact of technology on communication.
  • Develop strategies to overcome anxiety in tech-driven environments.
  • Learn how to maintain genuine human connections amidst digital transformation.
  • Special Highlights of the Evening:
  • Educational Speaker: Claudia Gomez-Villeneuve, an industry professor and keynote speaker, is passionate about equity, diversity, and inclusion in engineering. As the founder and 2-time Chair of the Women in Engineering Summit, Claudia brings her rich experience in engineering and project management to share invaluable insights on communicating effectively in a tech-dominated world.

Claudia's Bio:

"I am an audacious and highly experienced industry professor, passionate about teaching young professionals and women engineers. With 16 working years in Engineering, Pipeline Construction, and Project Management, I am also a passionate Keynote Speaker promoting equity, diversity, inclusion, and empathy in Engineering."

Hybrid Meeting

Join us in this hybrid meeting to explore the intersection of communication, technology, and human empathy. We're happy to cater to all preferences if you want to join in person or virtually. We look forward to seeing you there!

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