Green Environment Strategy: Community Brainstorm


Date:  Tuesday, June 22, 2021
Start Time:  6:30 pm
End Time:  8:30 pm


City of St. Albert


This a free event.

What's Happening

The City of St. Albert  recently approved Flourish: Growing to 100K, our Municipal Development Plan (MDP). This comprehensive, city-wide plan will guide the future growth of our city over the next 30 years. The MDP envisions a future population of 100,000, and up to 13,000 new jobs over the coming decades.

Green Environment is one of the nine sections within Flourish. Taking care of our environment is critical to the success and growth of our city. With the MDP as our guide, we will start to build long-range strategies that align with the goals of the plan.

We invite you, join us for a community brainstorm about our Green Environment. This includes topics like our natural spaces, urban forest, biodiversity, river valley, tree canopy among many others.

We will be discussing questions like:

  • What actions and areas should we focus on now and what should we consider for future plans? 
  • How do we best balance the use and conservation of our natural spaces? 
  • How should the City support Green Environment actions or efforts on private lands? 
  • What should the City consider when setting up a conservation reserve?

Your input, ideas and feedback will be considered as the City team prepares the 10 Year Green Environment Strategy. We look forward to working with you!

Registration for Zoom Meeting is Required.

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Last edited: September 10, 2021