Comfort Cookbook

Call for Submissions: Amplify’s Comfort Cookbook 

Submission deadline: January 17, 2022

Food is more than the fuel that gets us through the day. With the right recipe, food transforms a meal into big family gatherings, fun potlucks with friends, holidays and theme nights. Special meals are connected to our favourite memories and moments. Maybe, your grandma’s chicken soup recipe is how you make your best friend feel better when they’re sick. Or that double fudge brownie recipe is the perfect break up cure. And we know lots of special food deliveries have happened to cheer up our loved ones over the pandemic. 

With this in mind, Amplify is creating its first ever cookbook and we want to fill it with more than just meals: we want to share the stories of how you take care of yourself, your family and your friends. THIS is going to be a Comfort Cookbook. We are getting through COVID-19 together and we are going to recover together. 

So, we are looking for youth between Grade seven and age 21 to submit their favourite recipes, along with the stories behind them. What makes them special? You can tell us through a short story, a personal essay, a poem, a photograph or a work of visual art. 

Each participant that has their work included in the cookbook will receive a copy of the cookbook, which will be professionally bound and look super legit! We will also be sending a copy to the Library and Archives – Canada, so your work will be preserved forever in our National Library. Additional copies will be available for pre-order in December. More info on that to come. 

Help us bring comfort to our community! 


What will you need before you’re ready to submit? 

Step #1: You will need the recipe. Make sure it has all the directions and measurements with it, so readers can try it out themselves. 

Step #2: You’ll need to tell us the story. Whether that’s through a narrative, and essay, a poem, a photo, a drawing, a painting... whatever. Tell us why this recipe is important to you. 

Step #3: A 50- to 75-word bio about you, written in the third person. (Refer to yourself using your first name, instead of “I.”) Include things like what school you go to, why you like the art form you chose and your hobbies. Just make it a little get to know you piece. 

Step #4: complete the contact information so we can connect with you when the book is ready or if we have any questions about your work. 

Please note that we reserve the right to turn down any submissions that are inappropriate or do not follow our guidelines. We also have limited space, so space considerations will come into play when we are selecting pieces.


Make sure you have a have a look at our submission requirements

Ready to submit? Head over to our submission form

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