Comfort Cookbook Submission Form

Thank you for choosing to submit your work into our Comfort Cookbook! Please fill out the form below and attach your files. Remember, before you’re ready to submit, you’ll need a recipe, the ‘story’ behind the recipe (whether that’s in the form of a narrative, poem and/or piece of artwork) and a 75-word(ish) bio written in the third person.

If you have not done so already, please review the Comfort Cookbook Submission Requirements.

Comfort Cookbook Submission Form

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(75 to 100 words about you)

Please attach your recipe and ‘story’ submission below. You can attach it all as one document or attach multiple documents, if needed. For artwork, please submit a high-resolution scan or a high-resolution photo.

Maximum upload size per file is 5MB.

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Last edited: October 8, 2021