Goals and Objectives

Amplify Goals and Objectives 

Amplify organizes inclusive events and activities for youth to express their truest sense of identity through the arts. Run by youth for youth, the program seeks to empower young people to explore their artistic potential, while at the same time cultivating a sense of purpose and belonging within their day-to-day lives. By creating opportunities for success, Amplify develops resiliencies in youth giving them the tools they need to overcome the pressing social issues within their generation; such as, mental health, bullying, and body image.       

Through this vibrant arts and culture program, the City of St. Albert not only empowers its young residents, but also makes a significant and meaningful contribution to the development of youth. Study after study shows that young adults who participate in art programs do better in everything from reading to math—artistic activities increase their confidence, interpersonal and problem-solving skills, and leads to the development of civic values, leadership, and active citizenship. 

Guided by the Amplify Advisory Committee, a council of young volunteers aged 12 and up, Amplify ensures programming connects with and engages all our young residents, while simultaneously elevating the work of those who are eager to pursue a career in the arts. The Advisory Committee deeply believes everyone can be creative and that there is value in having everyone get “artsy.”   


  • Empower young artists
  • ​Support all youth in expressing their creativity
  • Celebrate youth culture
  • And showcase the richness and diversity of a new generation

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Last edited: July 27, 2021