Amplifying Ideas

Join us online for Amplifying Ideas in October 16th at 7 pm by following the link below and entering in the passcode:
Passcode: 185525 (You will be asked to entre a name and email as we are using a Zoom webinar format.)

Share Ideas. Defy Expectations. Inspire Others.

Join us online for an exchange of fascinating ideas where local youth will speak to both the passions and challenges of this generation in short talks meant to inspire! Streamed from the Arden Theatre stage, this year's talks will be available to watch live from the safety of your own home and completely free! With presentations on everything from leadership to veganism, the evening will be capped off with a keynote presentation from Edmonton hip-hop artist and community builder, Arlo Maverick.

October 16 @ 7 PM

Links to tune in to Amplifying Ideas from home will be posted here closer to October 16. Stay tuned!


Arlo Maverick
Building Collectively: The Importance of Growing Your Career and Community Simultaneously

Some artists create moments others create movements.  At the root of any of the iconic movements we celebrate in music is community.  Whether you are looking at the Seattle grunge scene of the early 90s or more recently Atlanta’s dominance on pop culture through trap music, communities were formed that supported a culture that impacted the world.  

In his Amplifying Ideas talk, Arlo Maverick will speak to the importance of building collectively as a music community. 

Photo of Arlo Maverick

Céline Caruso Dixon
The Zion Series: Fostering Passions and Navigating University

When you’re young, it can be daunting to try and understand what you want to do or what your passion is. The trials that come with taking a leap of faith to follow a passion while still trying to navigate who you are as a person are extensive. My experience happened right in the middle of my university career, and I’m going to give you tips, tricks, and my story on navigating it.  

Photo of Céline Caruso Dixon

Cole Baker
Leadership and Cancel Culture

Growing up with technology, everything is tracked. Every click, post, share, and like is being recorded. They say that we learn from making mistakes, but we are living in an interesting time of "cancel culture", which leaves little room for error. Let's talk about converting "cancel culture" into opportunities for education!

Photo of Cole Baker

Dana Koroluk
The Truth About Organic Produce

As our society becomes more concerned with the food we consume, the term ‘organic’ has become a food industry buzzword. A marketing tactic. Therefore, organic produce continues to be in greater demand. Yet, the definition of the word and the agricultural standards of organic farming are continuing to diverge in the public eye. What does ‘organic’ really mean?

Photo of raspberries in cartons.

 Ange Moulaison-Doucette
Why Your Art is Good Enough

Ange Caroline is an 18 year old interdisciplinary artist from Spruce Grove who has long struggled with one question; is her art good enough? In a world dominated by likes, views, and shares, it has never been easier to compare yourself to others and to blindly chase dreams of social media success. In 'Why Your Art is Good Enough,' Ange hopes to share how she reevaluated her perspective and goals in order to reconnect with what it truly means to be an artist; to create. 

Photo of Ange Moulaison-Doucette

Arienette Zak
Limits of the Past: Analog Mediums

Hello! My name is Ari Zak and I will be presenting a talk on analog mediums, such as vinyl, film, and more obscure ones. The talk will go over the benefits of these mediums compared to digital ones, as well as the mechanics and associated limitations. I work in analog mediums quite often, as I find them fascinating and fun, and I hope everyone enjoys learning about them!

Photo of Ari Zak

Rhian Sorotsky
Music Takes a Stand 

This speech will shortly outline how I developed into a young an artist, followed by the main purpose of this speech. I will be sharing a story that holds a personal experience I faced in a time of darkness and how I turned a negative situation into a positive by using my music to stand against bullying. I hope to inspire those who are being or have been bullied and make others in our society aware of how bullying can change someone’s life. 

Photo of Rhian Sorotsky playing a guitar in the woods

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