The Arden Theatre is pleased to feature Listen EVERYWHERE in the theatre.

Easy to use, this system is delivered directly to guests’ smartphones through a free, fully customizable app. Additionally, The Arden Theatre has 4 RF units that can be borrowed from the Box Office for performances.

Download steps:

1. Download the Listen EVERYWHERE App:

The app can be found by searching “Listen EVERYWHERE” in the iOS App Store or Android Google Play Store or by scanning the QR code from a smart device.


2. Log on to the Arden’s Listen EVERYWHERE Wi-Fi server:

Wi-Fi: Arden Listen (No Internet)

Password: listen12

NOTE: Because this network is not connected to the internet, and is, instead, allowing your device to wirelessly connect to the Arden Theatre’s Listen EVERYWHERE server your phone may ask if you would like to remain connected to this Wi-Fi, select “yes” to connect.

3. Open the Listen EVERYWHERE app and click VENUE SCAN:

Plug in your earphones or connect your hearing aid/cochlear implant via Bluetooth*, launch the app and enjoy!

Last edited: April 12, 2023