Date(s) Performer(s)
December 2 Eritage


Date(s) Performer(s)
February 12 Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal
May 14 Green Thumb Theatre
May 14 Arete Physical Comedy Troupe
June 1 & 2 Moe Koffman
September 14 Alberta Ballet Company
October 24 Theatre Sans Fil:: The Hobbit
November 6 American Ballet Comedy
November 14, 15 & 16 Theatre Passe Muraille: Alligator Pie
December 28 National Tap Dance: Tin Soldier


Date(s) Performer(s)
January 16 Edmonton Symphony Orchestra
March 15 Valdy
April 11 Brian Glow
June 1 Opera Theatre of Alberta: Pirates of Penzance
October 11 Alberta Ballet Company
October 25 Hagood Hardy
November 14 Vancouver Arts Club Theatre: Twelfth Night
November 16 Interlude Mime Theatre: Cosmic Garbage Bin


Date(s) Performer(s)
January 18 Valdy
February 15 & 21 Quintessence
February 25 & 26 Don Messer Jubilee
April 19 Kaleidoscope Theatre: Four to Go
May 10 Les Ballet Jazz de Montreal
  Vancouver City Stage: Piaf: Her Songs, Her Loves
  Green Thumb Theatre: Night Light
  Alberta Ballet Company
  Romaniac Brothers
  Arts Club Theatre: Arms and the Man
  Joelle Rabu


Date(s) Performer(s)
  Tapestry Music Theatre: Gershwin and Gershwin
  Tudor Singers of Montreal
  Decidedly Jazz Danceworks: Jazz Scatz–with Alley Scatz
  Mermaid Theatre: Flights of Fancy
  La Troupe Circus
  Norman Foote
  Bill Usher's Drums
  Murray McLauchlan
  Ballet British Columbia
  Vancouver Arts Club Theatre: Importance of Being Earnest
  Arete Physical Comedy Troupe: Streetlights 
  Judith Marcuse Repertory Dance Company
  Hagood Hardy
  Chinese Acrobats of the Pagoda


Date(s) Performer(s)
  Video Cabaret International of Toronto:
The History of the Village of Small Huts: Confederation and Riel
  Bobby McFerrin
  Paul Hann
  Quest Theatre: Prairie Dragons
  Pepper Kaminoff
  Green Thumb Theatre: Two Weeks Twice a Year
  Maureen Forrester
  Rag and Bone Puppet Theatre: Tug of War
September 28 Corey and Katja Cerovsek
October 27 Daedulus Productions: Little Shop of Horrors
November 18 & 19 Canadian Opera Company Ensemble: Tales of Hoffman
December 10 St. Albert Children’s Theatre: Joseph and His Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat


Date(s) Performer(s)
January 13 & 14 Ballet British Columbia
January 28 Small Change Theatre: This End Up
February 25 Jest in Time
March 3 & 4 Persephone Theatre: Greater Tuna
March 31 & April 1 Moe Koffman Quintet
April 29 Mermaid Theatre: The Red Ball
May 2 Sandra Reaves-Phillips: Late Great Ladies of Blues and Jazz

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Last edited: June 23, 2021