1999 - 2000

September 16The Wyrd Sisters
September 24Oscar Lopez
September 26Sandra Beech
October 1The Blind Boys of Alabama
October 5Montreal Danse: Love, Death and other details
October 15Blackie and the Rodeo Kings
October 19The Barra MacNeils
October 28, 29, 30Axis Theatre Company: The Number 14
November 4Flook!
November 28St. Albert Children's Theatre: Grease
December 10 & 11Rita Coolidge
Feb 11, 2000Danny Grossman Dance Company
Feb 12, 2000Danny Grossman Dance Company
Feb 20, 2000Michel Lauziere
Mar 3 & 4, 2000Ballet BC
Mar 12, 2000Vancouver Wind Trio: Peter and the Wolf
Mar 31, Apr 1, 2000Vinok Worldance
Apr 30, May 1, 2000Iris Dement

2000 - 2001

September 21Fred Eaglesmith
September 29Willie and Lobo
October 5Saffire - The Uppity Blues Women
October 13Tom Landa & The Paperboys
October 17Cas Public: Incarnation
October 19Garnet Rogers and Stephen Fearing
October 20Michael Kaeshammer
October 29Fred Penner: 20th Anniversary Tour
November 5Trout Fishing in America
November 25, 26 and December 2St. Albert Children's Theatre: Cinderella
February 2 & 3Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal
February 9Altan
February 15Oscar Lopez
February 18Charlotte Diamond
February 23 Tri-Continental
March 22Linda Tillery and the Cultural Heritage Choir
March 23Quartetto Gelato
March 29Dulcinea Langfelder & Co.: Victoria
April 1The Gizmo Guys

2001 - 2002

Sepember 21The Puentes Brothers
September 23The Wyrd SIsters
October 10Christine Lavin
October 12Nils Ling: The Truth About Daughters
October 18Michael Kaeshammer
October 21Rick Scott Trio
October 25Oh Susanna & Zubot and Dawson
October 30Michelle Wright
November 4Roseneath Theatre: Morgan's Journey
December 4Winter Harp: Christmas Special
January 26Music and Words of Ian Tyson: The Gift
January 27Shawn Kinley
February 1Lynn Miles & Rita Chiarelli
March 12Lennie Gallant

2002 - 2003

September 6Music and Words of Ian Tyson: The Gift
September 20Tom Russell
September 27Willie & Lobo
October 4Bruce Guthro
October 5Shangri-La Chinese Acrobats
October 10Alpha Yaya Diallo
Octber 19The Arrogant Worms
November 3Sursaut: The Eccentrics
November 6 & 7Montreal Danse: From Julia to Emile, 1949
November 15Laura Love Duo
December 13Winter Harp
January 17Michelle Wright
January 23Quartango
January 26Barachois
February 1Ranee Lee: The Music of the Dark Divas
February 5Compagnie Marie Chouinard
February 7Nils Ling: The Truth About Daughters
February 8Nils Ling: The Truth About Love and/or Marriage
February 13Sons of Maxwell
February 15Hangin' with Hank
February 16The Cashore Marionettes
February 22Kelly Joe Phelps
February 25Adam Gregory with opening guest Lisa Hewitt
March 11Margie Gillis
March 20Martin Dube
April 11Walter Ostanek

2003 - 2004 

September 14Ron Sexmith with opening guest Mad Violet
September 26The Bill Hilly Band
September 27Fred Penner with The 4 Corners
October 4The Tannahill Weavers
October 16Alison Brown Quartet
October 17Garnet Rogers and Zubot & Dawson
October 18Jeff Healey’s Jazz Wizards
October 25Eric and Leon Bibb
October 27Judith Marcuse & DanceArts Vancouver: FIRE…where there’s smoke
October 30The Wyrd Sisters
November 1David Francey
November 2Robert Munsch
November 11 & 12Les Ballets Jazz de Montreal: Light-Time-Open Spaces
November 15Michael Kaeshammer
December 12Winter Harp
December 19Nils Ling: The Truth About Christmas
January 18Michael Lane Trautman: My Misspent Youth
January 20Martyn Joseph
January 22Decidedly Jazz Danceworks: Pivoting Echoes
January 30Slainte Mhath
February 3Compagnie Marie Chouinard
February 11Iris DeMent
February 15Norman Foote
February 18Ennis Sisters
February 20 & 21Harry Manx
March 6 & 7The Arrogant Worms
March 12brava with Susan Crowe, Cindy Church & Laura Smith
April 17Nnenna Freelon

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