Become an Arden Donor

Great theatres are shaped by great patrons.

Why should I give?

With your help, we can play a meaningful role in enhancing the arts in St. Albert and building a more vibrant community that is strong economically, socially and culturally.

By giving to The Arden Theatre, you are supporting the community in building an inclusive, diverse, creative, and passionate Canada through the arts. Not only does your gift have a direct impact on The Arden Theatre’s calibre of professional programming and infrastructure advancements, but it also brings energy and vitality to the community by improving quality of life, encouraging creativity and fostering a sense of identity.

Where does my money go?

Your contribution helps us achieve our vision by:

  • Ensuring the quality and diversity of entertainment delivered to 65,000 patrons over 150 events annually
  • Creating opportunities for artists to develop and grow while showcasing their talents
  • Allowing your community to participate in the arts and creating meaningful experiences

How can I give?

  • The Art of Giving Campaign

    • Contributors receive a full tax receipt
    • Annual contributions of $100 or more will be recognized in our production playbills for one year
    • Provision for anonymous donations on request
    • Application Form 
  • Memorial and Milestone Donations

    • Commemorate someone special or celebrate a special occasion with recognition for a loved one
  • Become a Seat Donor

  • Planned Giving

    • Leave a lasting legacy at The Arden Theatre

The Art of Giving

Great theatres are shaped by great patrons. With your help, we can enhance the arts in St. Albert and help build a vibrant community that is economically, socially and culturally strong.

When you choose to invest in The Arden Theatre, you are helping to cultivate a healthy and united society. Your generous gift not only has an impact on infrastructure advancements but also on the calibre of professional programming.

Photo of a woman singing on stage Photo of a band performing on stage; the stage is lit with red and blue lights Photo of a man standing on stage holding a microphone looking towards the audience

To ensure your investment has the largest impact possible, we prioritize initiatives such as:

  • Venue refurbishments
  • Programming
  • Outreach opportunities
  • Opportunities for emerging Alberta performers

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Last edited: August 31, 2021