Friends of the Arden Theatre Society

2023-2024 Friends of the Arden Board
2023-2024 Friends of the Arden Theatre Society

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Your Board

Karen Hebert / President

Barrie Brown / Secretary

Ken Bell / Treasurer

Kim Beniston / Vice-President

Board Job Descriptions

Lisa Mueller / Director

Sheila McDonald / Director

Natalie Ozipko / Director

Maureen Silver / Director

Our Vision: We support The Arden Theatre as an essential community gathering space for arts and culture.
Our Mission: We are a community-focused advocacy group that supports fundraising initiatives for The Arden Theatre by promoting and investing in arts and culture for an inclusive community and arts industry.

Together, we will...

CREATE a sense of identity and connection in our community by funding culturally diverse programming.

ADVOCATE to make the arts accessible to people of all ages in St. Albert and the Edmonton Metropolitan Region.

CULTIVATE an environment of possibilities and growth for emerging artists and audiences.

SUPPORT outreach and educational opportunities for St. Albert and beyond.

ENGAGE the community in investment opportunities for the Arden Theatre, its programming and long-term sustainability.

COLLABORATE and build partnerships to develop the arts.


If you're interested in joining the Board or learning more about our work please email:

Last edited: January 30, 2024