Map Asset Categories

The City of St. Albert's Culture Map Project organizes the community's cultural assets into following the six categories:

Cultural Enterprises

(Enterprises engaged in the creation, production, manufacturing or distribution of cultural goods or services): photography, art dealers, art galleries, publishers, bookstores, cinemas, dance studios, design services, film & video production, music stores and studios, photography, sound recording, theatre companies

Community Cultural Organizations

Indigenous organizations, performing/visual/literary arts organizations, heritage organizations, horticultural organizations and multicultural organizations

Cultural Facilities and Spaces

Performing arts centres, art galleries, artists studios, community centres, dinner theatres, libraries, museums, restaurants and bars with live music

Cultural Heritage

Built heritage properties/districts, historical & heritage sites, local monuments, and public art

Natural Heritage

Conservation areas, botanical parks, significant trails, bodies of water, and nature centres

Festivals and Events

Artists or artisan tours and events, craft shows & festivals, farmers markets, gallery or studio tours, multicultural festivals, music festivals, arts festivals, public art tours, and seasonal celebrations


The City of St. Albert welcomes submissions for organizations, businesses, landmarks and events that align with one of the above categories.

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Last edited: January 16, 2020