Cultural Wall Of Fame

Recognizing outstanding contributors

The Cultural Wall of Fame recognizes individuals and groups who have made outstanding contributions to arts and culture in St. Albert. In conjunction with the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Lifetime Achievement Award, the Cultural Wall of Fame will focus on individuals or groups who have demonstrated a mastery of their craft in the cultural sector, bringing recognition to St. Albert.

The annual recipient(s) of the Lifetime Achievement Award will be that year’s inductee(s) into the Cultural Wall of Fame.

Individuals or arts and culture groups that have been nominated for induction and meet the requirements but are not selected will remain on the eligibility list for subsequent years.

About the artist/artwork:

The Gathering is an original sculpture that is made of steel, copper and brass.

Artist, Kyle Walton (owner and operator of Hammer and Forge Studio Ltd) chose this title to both reflect the role the lifetime acheivement recipients play in the community and the common goal they share to support Culture, as well as to show the assembly of objects in the sculpture itself. The artwork can be found on the north-facing exterior windows of the St. Albert Public Library in St. Albert Place, near the elevators.

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Last edited: March 24, 2021