Lewis Lavoie - 2019

St. Albert born artist, illustrator and designer Lewis Lavoie has been creating stunning pieces of art for nearly 30 years.

A long-time resident of The Botanical Arts City, Lavoie’s St. Albert roots run deep. From his involvement with the St. Albert Painters Guild and Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival of the Arts to his work as an Artist In Residence for the vast majority of St. Albert and surrounding schools, Lavoie continues to leave his mark on the fabric of our community.

While he has painted for the likes of Queen Elizabeth II, Dan Aykroyd, and Stephen Harper, his greatest joy as an artist is working collaboratively with professionals and non-professionals to create mural mosaics. Lead concept designer and founder of the Mural Mosaic, Lavoie’s signature works have become a part of several Olympic Games as well as countless communities across Canada and the United States. His mural mosaics have been published in puzzle kits, books and posters and sold across the globe. Most recently, he embarked on a journey to create the largest mural in Canada as part of our 150th birthday celebration and, in the process, brought thousands of Canadians together through art!

Lavoie resides in St. Albert with his wife and three children.

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Last edited: March 9, 2020