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City of St.Albert
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Art in Public Places

The City began its collection in the 1970s and in this time the collection has grown to include over 250 unique pieces in its collection in a variety of mediums including pottery, painting, sculpture and fibre arts. Most of these pieces are on display throughout St. Albert civic buildings.

Through its Art in Public Places Program, St. Albert solidifies its unique position and fosters the image and identity of the City through cultural stewardship. The Art in Public Places Program is helping guide the evolution of a distinct and vibrant civic personality and creating a visual legacy for generations to come.

Public art evokes meaning in the public realm by providing a visually rich and exciting environment, while playing a role in attracting creative businesses and workers, reflecting diverse cultural character and encouraging the growth, education, and experience of "culturally educated" public.

Download the cultivateART app today!

Experience St. Albert’s rich and diverse collection of Art in Public Places from your iphone!

The cultivateArt app includes:

  • More than 30 works of art
  • Self-guided walking tours
  • A driving tour to discover art in unexpected places
  • Details about each artwork and the artist who created it
  • Social media sharing options

Download on the Apple Store under: cultivateART, City of St. Albert

Public Art Advisory Committee

St. Albert is currently seeking residents to join the Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) as a member or juror.
Current members include; Sheelagh Dunlap, Jenny Wilson-McGrath, Ruth McConnell, Blaine Campbell, Heather Shillinglaw and Ross Bradley.

Learn More and Apply

Art in Public Places Virtual Tour

Launch the Tour

Take a virtual tour of the City's Public Art Collection of sculptures, murals, and other treasures. This interactive application will show you where to find the works along with details about its creation and the artist(s) who produced it.

Recent Addition to the Collection

Bird Has the Ways

Last edited: February 20, 2019

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