Art in Public Places

Art in Public Places

The City began its collection in the 1970s and in this time the collection has grown to include over 250 unique pieces in its collection in a variety of mediums including pottery, painting, sculpture and fibre arts. Most of these pieces are on display throughout St. Albert civic buildings.

Through its Art in Public Places Program, St. Albert solidifies its unique position and fosters the image and identity of the City through cultural stewardship. The Art in Public Places Program is helping guide the evolution of a distinct and vibrant civic personality and creating a visual legacy for generations to come.

Public art evokes meaning in the public realm by providing a visually rich and exciting environment, while playing a role in attracting creative businesses and workers, reflecting diverse cultural character and encouraging the growth, education, and experience of "culturally educated" public.

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Invitation to Tender   ITT16-0056
Call for Artists, City of St. Albert Time Capsule

Proposal submission deadline: 2 PM (local time), September 29th, 2016


The City of St. Albert is pleased to announce a competition for an artwork that will function as a container for a Times Capsule to be installed in St. Albert Place, Main Floor.

The City of St. Albert seeks submissions from Artists (or Artist teams) with a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively on the production of indoor public artworks to create an artwork that will function as a Time Capsule or container for a Time Capsule.  The successful artist/artist team will receive $11,350 for the Artwork.

Successful artists will meet and demonstrate the following preliminary criteria: a practice of public art, installation art or integrated/applied artworks; experience in successfully completing public art projects and; experience with complex project integration in collaboration with design teams, project consultants, engineers and construction teams

As part of the communications and celebration of the Community’s 50-year Vision and Pillars of Sustainability, a time capsule is proposed to be placed in the lobby of St. Albert Place, to be unveiled on January 14, 2017. (See Community Vision and Pillars of Sustainability).

The time capsule will contain items recommended by the community that represent what they like about St. Albert today along with messages for the residents who open the capsule in 50 years – 2067.  2017 is Canada’s 150th anniversary, a landmark event that provides a secondary reason for the creation of a time capsule.

Candidate selection – October 6, 2016
Artwork Completed – January 3, 2017

For the complete Call for Artists please contact:

Tammy Tokar
Phone: (780) 459-2692

Invitation to Tender   ITT16-0044
Call for Artists, Butterfly Project

Proposal submission deadline:  2  PM (local time), August 25, 2016


The City of St. Albert is pleased to announce a competition for three small-scale artworks that will be installed in Lacombe Park Estates Phase I, St. Albert Place Main Floor (indoors or outdoors) and Founders Walk Phase II Grain Elevators Node.

The City of St. Albert seeks submissions from experienced and/or early career professional Artists (or Artist teams) with a demonstrated ability to work collaboratively to produce artworks for display. Two successful Artists/Artists Teams will receive $17,300 each for two artworks. One successful Artist/Artist Team will receive $39,800 for one lighted artwork.

For the purpose of this tender, early career professional Artists are defined as Artists who have some evidence of professional achievement, but may not have a substantial record of accomplishment, are at an early stage in their career, have some evidence of achievement in recognition by art critics and/or through gallery exhibition, have specialized training in their field and have also created a modest body of independent artwork, have some evidence of achievement in integrating complex projects with design teams and technical project consultants

Each Artist will submit a mock submission to the City of St. Albert for consideration.* The City of St. Albert will select the successful Artists/Artists Teams based on their mock submission. Submissions from three separate Artists/Artists Teams will be selected. Once selected, the successful Artists/Artists Teams will create a second artwork to be placed at one of the three installation sites. All submitted artworks shall depict butterflies and may be singular or in multiples. The primary goal of the commission for each successful Artist/Artist Team is to create one visually engaging and inspiring artwork that will integrate with and enhance the space in which it is placed.

A long-range goal of the project is to create a way finding system together with Tourism Services. Citizens may utilize butterfly artworks to identify location and to move in a playful way through to other locations.

One location will be selected that will include lighting. The Artist/Artist Team who is awarded the lighted location will have experience related to lighting outdoor objects.

This artwork will represent the important legacy of the Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival. The artwork will be a whimsical representation that commemorates the Northern Alberta International Children’s Festival that takes place annually in St. Albert. The butterfly is the symbol of the Festival, and represents the transformation of children’s lives through the arts. The completed butterfly artworks should be original works of art and/or design.

Candidate selection – September 8, 2016
Artwork completed – April 10, 2017

For the complete Call for Artists please contact:

Heidi Alther
Phone: 780-224-2930

*No Artist will receive compensation of any kind for the creation and construction of any mock submission

Public Art Advisory Committee

St. Albert is currently seeking residents and non-residents to join the Public Art Advisory Committee (PAAC) as a member or juror.

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On June 4, 2015, the City of St. Albert unveiled its latest Public Art Collection addition titled Juiced Lime by artist Ken Macklin. The sculpture is located in front of the Art Gallery of St. Albert at 19 Perron Street. 

Ken Macklin is regarded as an established Alberta artist. Juiced Lime is a great example of the general style of his work during the early 2000s. The piece pertains to Macklin's "Millennium Stage" in which he experimented with new materials and objects. This elegant and aesthically pleasing work of abstract art is a donation to the City's Public Art Collection by Kristin and James Morgan. 

For further information on Ken Macklin and Juiced Lime:


Art in Public Places Virtual Tour

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