Fowler Athletic Park Temporary Mural

Thank you to everyone who submitted artwork for consideration. Please stay tuned for more details about the selected artist and artwork in 2024. 


The City of St. Albert invites emerging and established artists to submit artwork to be digitally reproduced as a mural at Fowler Athletic Park. The large, vinyl mural will be installed on the retaining wall at the southeast side of the running track and measures approx. 4 feet high by 137 feet wide. The mural will be displayed for up to 5 years.

Artists may submit up to three images of a single artwork. The artwork can be new or pre-existing but must be original to the artist. The artwork can be created in any medium (graphic design, photography, painting, drawing, textile, sculpture, etc.) but must be submitted as a digital image. Artists may use the Scaled Mural Wall Template to fit their digital image on the retaining wall. The selected image will be reproduced and installed as the vinyl mural. The selected image will be reproduced and installed as the vinyl mural. The City will be responsible for the fabrication and installation.

The selected artist will receive a total of $6,000 for this project, which includes the creation fee, and associated CARFAC fees for preparation, consultation, and royalties.

This call is open to artists living in St. Albert and the Greater Edmonton Area. We encourage everyone to apply including Indigenous, First Nations, Métis and Inuit peoples, people of colour, persons with disabilities, and members of the 2SLGBTQ+ community. Artists with demonstrated connections to St. Albert will be given priority.

Important Information

Please read all of the following information before proceeding to the online application form.


Fowler Athletic Park is located at 63 Sir Winston Churchill Avenue

Project Goals

  • The primary goal of this project is to print and display a single original artwork on vinyl that will enhance the features of this facility. The selected image will cover the entire retaining wall and be large enough to be seen from a far distance.
  • The artwork will consider the regular users, neighbouring schools and the community at large, including Richard S. Fowler Catholic School, Sir Alexander Mackenzie School and the St. Albert Track and Field Club.
  • This project is intended to create an opportunity for local Artists of varied experience and skill sets. As the final work will be printed on vinyl and installed by the City, the selected Artist is not required to provide the equipment or resources to support larger-scale traditional murals.
  • The selected artwork will encourage the community to visit this space and promote the City’s liveability while inspiring creativity for both citizens and visitors.
  • This competition is intended to support Council’s Strategic Plan and the Public Art Policy by increasing cultural richness and fostering a cohesive community that supports the well-being of all residents.


Fowler Athletic Park is an ideal spot for athletes to practice track and field events such as running, long jump, high jump and hammer/discus throw. It is a municipal facility that is used by schools, local organizations, and the general public. It is also the home of the St. Albert Track and Field Club. Also, a prime location for runners training for short or long-distance events, and it's great for anyone wanting to exercise outdoors.

Fowler Park underwent refurbishment in 2021. Several upgrades were made including a new concrete retaining wall that measures 4 feet tall and 137 feet long. Through conversations with Recreation and Parks and Visual Arts, this wall was identified as an opportunity for a temporary artwork.

Evaluation and Award

The artwork will be selected though a one-stage jury process. Evaluation will be based on the following equally weighed criteria:

  • Artistic Merit: The overall visual impact, artistic expression and originality of the artwork.
  • Suitability to Location: The vision for the site as well as the consideration of neighbours and the community at large.
  • Alignment with City Goals: The support of city-wide cultural development through existing policies and plans including the Public Art Policy (C-CS-04), The St. Albert Strategic Plan, St. Albert’s Municipal Development Plan, The Diversity and Inclusion Declaration.

All decisions of the Selection Committee are final. All applicants will be contacted to confirm submission results.

Terms and Conditions of the Call to Artist Process


There is no expressed or implied obligation on the part of the City to reimburse responding Artists for any expenses incurred in the preparation or delivery of the bid documentation or responses.

Acceptance of Submissions

  • Unless explicitly stated otherwise, a submission indicates acceptance by the Artist of the terms and conditions contained in call and the resulting form of agreement, which the successful Artists will be required to enter into after selection.
  • The City reserves the right to withdraw, at its discretion and at any time, this call. The City will not be held liable for any expenses, costs, loss or damage incurred or suffered by any Artist as a result of such withdrawal.
  • The City reserves the right, without prejudice, to reject any or all proposals

Accuracy of Information

All information contained in this document with respect to operations, qualities, quantities, values, description of properties, losses, etc., are reasonably and realistically accurate to the best of the City’s knowledge, however, is not guaranteed by the City. It is each Artist’s responsibility to obtain and verify to the best of their ability the information required to respond accurately to this call.

Confidentiality, Security and Release of Records or Information

  • Any information or knowledge gained or obtained by the Artist as a result of this process will be maintained in confidentiality and will not be sold, distributed or in any way used for profit.
  • All submissions to the City become the property of the City in their entirety. Submissions and the information contained within will be held in confidence as much as is reasonably possible and subject to the disclosure provisions contained in the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (the “FOIP Act”).
  • The Artist acknowledges that the FOIP Act applies to all information or Records, as defined in the FOIP Act, which are collected or created for the purposes of this contract and within the Artist’s custody or control.
  • The Artist must make reasonable security arrangements to ensure that personal and other information protected under the FOIP Act is secured against unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure or destruction.
  • The Artist will promptly notify the City, no later than two business days from the date that the Artist becomes aware of the disclosure, of any collection, access, use, disclosure or destruction of information or Records contrary to the terms of this contract, and promptly take all reasonable actions to prevent further unauthorized collection, access, use, disclosure or destruction.
  • The Artist agrees to provide written notice to the City within two business days of receiving a request for access to City Information.
  • The Artist will provide to the City any or all records within its custody or control collected for or relating to this contract within seven (7) days of the City’s written request and at the conclusion of this contract will dispose of the records as directed by the FOIP Act or the City’s authorized Records representatives.
  • The Artist will provide the City with the right to audit the security and privacy systems used by the Artist to ensure that the City Information is secured, maintained in confidence, and used only for the purposes of performing the work under this contract.


To a reasonable degree, the City reserves the right to negotiate the final contract with the successful Artist outside of the defined scope of services indicated in the call.

Compliance to City Bylaws and Policies

Last edited: September 15, 2023