Save the Date! The Children's Festival will be back June 1 - 4, 2023!


Cultivating wonder and awe in our children is so important – special moments, big or small, that make them say “WHOA!” opens their eyes to all the extraordinary things around us. 

For over four decades, the International Children’s Festival of the Arts has transported kids to another world and provided them with countless awe-inspiring experiences. Through world-class programming in music, dance and theatre, as well as literary, visual and circus arts, we awaken a child’s innate sense of wonder and excitement, as we help them to explore what’s possible. 

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Connect your classroom to the world through entertaining, educational and inspirational arts experiences. There is something special about the opportunity to explore what’s possible when adventure, imagination and creativity come together in one memorable place.  

School and group tickets are now on sale! Full details about feature performances, paid activities and free activities and other exciting offerings are also now available.

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Featured Performances

Brave Space

Brave Space ›

This work of contemporary circus invites the audience to sit nose-to-nose with bold aerialists and acrobats to build the world we want to live in,...

Doodle Pop

Doodle Pop ›

A mischievous duo, Woogie & Boogie, start to doodle and end up creating a whole imaginative world. They invite us along on their sea adventure...


No Excuses, No Limits ›

An international breakdance crew comprised of some of the world’s best differentlyabled dancers. In hip-hop culture, using a negative term to refer...


Leonardo! A Wonderful Show About A Terrible Monster ›

Leonardo finds Sam, the most scaredy-cat kid in the world. Will Leonardo finally get to scare the tuna salad out of someone? Or will it be the start...


What can you expect at the Festival! ›

The Children’s Festival remains one of the largest and longest running of its kind in North America.

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Paid Activities

Daedalum Luminarium

Daedalum Luminarium ›

A monumental inflatable walk-in structure that provides a spectacular sanctuary of light, colour and sound.

Drum Speak

Drum Speak ›

Drum Speak is a method of teaching music without speaking - a very fun way to get any group working together. The objective of the workshop is to get...


Fizzlewit’s Fairy Finding Tours ›

A treasure hunt like no other, kids will solve puzzles and follow clues in an effort to find a lost fairy princess named Flutterby.


Wonderbox ›

Hear strange and marvellous tales using an ornately painted box with glass lenses that showcase beautiful picture scrolls that enhance and illuminate...