Accessibility & Inclusion

Festival Inclusion

The Festival is committed to providing equal access to all participants. Supports such as calming areas, enhanced wayfinding, social stories and inclusion kits, equipped with noise- and light-dampening devices, are available for use during your visit. 

Feature Performances include sensory considerations. Please consider these as general guidelines as we recognize that parents and teachers are the best judges of what is most appropriate for their children and students.

Wheelchair Accessibility

Feature Performance and Workshop venues are all wheelchair accessible. Please contact the box office to confirm wheelchair seating. Wheelchair attendants will receive a complimentary ticket. 

Supports Available

Festival Social Stories

Social Stories were devised as a tool to help individuals better understand the nuances of interpersonal communication so that they could interact in an effective and appropriate manner. They are available to help children prepare in advance for their Festival experience and what to expect while on site. 

Stories available:

  1. Visiting the Festival video
  2. General Festival

Inclusion Kits*

Inclusion kits will be available on loan during Festival. Kits include one pair of noise-dampening headphones and one pair of sunglasses. Kits may be picked up for a one-day loan at the First Aid/Info tent at Millennium Park.  (a driver’s license will be required to receive a loaned kit).

Alternatively, kits will also be available for one-time use at all of our Feature Performance venues: The Arden Theatre; Millennium Tent; and City Arts Space.

* Limited quantities are available

Calming Zones

The Festival is full of large crowds, surprises and sounds that may cause an individual to feel uncomfortable. We will have a Calming Space available onsite to assist in these situations (see Festival map for zone locations). This space is available should any of our patrons require a place to sit and regroup after being overstimulated. It will have low lighting, less noise and sensory supports inside.

Ask any staff member or volunteer if you need access to the space. We also have plenty of green space that can act as calming zones should the outdoors be more suitable for you. Some areas to note are Lions Park behind the St. Albert Curling Club, north of The Children's Bridge and Celebration Garden, just east of The Healing Garden.

Staff Training

A very important component of Festival Inclusion is staff training. Festival staff and key volunteers are participating in training sessions to raise their awareness of what it means to be inclusive, and to inform them about the services offered at Festival. We will also be incorporating this information into all our general volunteer training sessions. This will ensure all staff and volunteers can support our patrons during their Festival experience.

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Last edited: May 31, 2022