Decorate Your Door with a Butterfly Wreath

It’s Day 4 of the Northern Alberta Children’s Festival’s #40DaysofPLAY and today we are making beautiful butterfly wreaths. Hang the finished piece on your bedroom door, or on the front door of your house to show your Festival spirit! Hanging it on your front door will also compliment the Brighten Your Block with Butterflies activity from Day 1.

Here what you’ll need to create your wreath.


  • Printer to print our Festival Butterfly template
  • Paper 
  • Scissors 
  • Glue Stick 
  • Paint, pencil crayons, crayons, or markers 
  • paper plate 
  • String, ribbon, yarn or pipe cleaner 
  • OPTIONAL: Tissue paper, pompoms, beads, etc. 


  1. Print off 1-2 sets of Festival butterflies at the link below. 
  2. Paint or colour the rim of your paper plate, leave to dry. 
  3. Once plate is dry, carefully cut out the middle, flat surface, leaving only the rim. This will become your circular wreath form. 
  4. Colour in each butterfly using your medium of choice – paint, pencil crayons, markers, or crayons. Get creative!
  5. Carefully cut out each butterfly. Ask an adult for help if you need to! 
  6. Using your glue stick, attach each butterfly around the rim of the paper plate. 
  7. OPTIONAL: add any extra sparkles or fun bits to fill in any gaps or holes on the wreath with pompoms, sequins, beads, tissue paper, or even items you can find outside such as leaves and pinecones. 
  8. Punch or cut a hole through the top of the wreath and thread through it and tie a knot to form a loop with a piece of yarn, string, ribbon, or pipe cleaner. 
  9. Hang proudly on your door! 

Don’t forget to take a picture of your participation in today’s activity and share it with us online by using the hashtag #40DaysofPLAY to be entered to win a prize from one of our Festival partners. 

Thank you to today's Activity sponsor, Fortis Alberta

Fortis Alberta

Follow all provincial public health measures when participating in 40 Days of Play activities.  

Last edited: May 1, 2021