Playdough Butterflies with Diane Gwilliam

It’s Day 12 of our #40DaysofPLAY!

Today we are showing you how to create Playdough Butterflies. All you will need to make these itty-bitty butterflies is playdough and a pencil. If you would like to try your hand at making your own playdough, we found a very easy to follow recipe for you to try.


  1. Make 4 little balls of playdough.
  2. Make 1 end of each ball pointy, then flatten the other end.
  3. Make 4 wings and one body that looks like a little caterpillar.
  4. Use the end of a pencil, chopstick, or a small dowel to gently push the wings onto the body.
  5. Give the whole butterfly a gentle little pinch to push the wings up.
  6. If you are going to put the butterflies on a branch let them dry a bit (probably overnight). When the butterflies are dry enough to handle, get a grown up to use a glue gun to attach each butterfly to the branch. 

Download a printed pictoral instruction sheet here.

The City of St. Albert has worked with content developers to provide creative prompts that align with provincial public health measures, and guidance to protect the health system and the community by slowing the spread of COVID-19.


Diane Gwilliam worked for the City of St. Albert Cultural Services Department for 30 years as the Visual Arts Programmer; and was also the Visual Arts Site Activity Coordinator for the International Children’s Festival of the Arts giving thousands (and thousands) of children Visual Arts opportunities to make creative, colourful and often messy fun. 

She is a professional potter and pottery educator and has been a member of the St. Albert Potters Guild for more than 35 years while maintaining her own studio. In 2010 Diane was awarded the Mayor’s Celebration of the Arts Award for Excellence in Visual Arts Teaching.

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Follow all provincial public health measures when participating in 40 Days of Play activities.  

Last edited: May 9, 2021