Yarn Bombing! Learn to Finger-Knit Yarn Butterflies

It’s Day 17 of our #40DaysofPLAY and today let's brighten up our yards and neighbourhoods with finger-knitted butterflies! Yarn Bombing, if you’re unfamiliar with it, is a popular way to cover and decorate objects or structures in public places with decorative knitted or crocheted material, as a form of street art!

Red Ted Art has put together a fantastic and quick tutorial on how to create simple and beautiful finger-knitted butterflies! Once you’ve created these colourful beauties, take them outside and hang them on the trees in your yard. The butterflies can also be strung together to create beautiful garlands that can be wrapped around tree trunks, or hung across branches, for some extra pizazz and fun. Just cut a small length of yarn (approximately 3-4 inches) and tie a loop through the top of the butterfly’s head so they link together and voila, garland!

This activity will complement the Day 1 activity. 




Optional: Pipe cleaners


The City of St. Albert has worked with content developers to provide creative prompts that align with provincial public health measures, and guidance to protect the health system and the community by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your participation in today’s activity and share it with us online! Use the hashtag #40DaysofPLAY to be entered to win a prize from one of our Festival partners.

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Follow all provincial public health measures when participating in 40 Days of Play activities.

Last edited: August 26, 2021