Fizzlewit's Fairy Finding Tour

Nothing is more enchanting than Fairy Finding with Fizzlewit!
It’s Day 25 and we are inviting you to share in the fantasy of his famous fairy tale tours as you search for magical creatures and whimsical wee folk in St. Albert!   

Official Geocaching Activity 

Hidden amongst the beautiful trail system of St. Albert, our festival has placed TWO official geocaches for your family to find! One, contains a magical creature from Fizzlewit’s world, and the other is a small fairy house, nestled amongst the trees. 


  1. To find our official geocaches, download the official app to your mobile device.  
  2. Create a profile for yourself.  
  3. Once you are registered and logged in, click the “PLAY’ button and choose “SEARCH” 
  4. SEARCH for Cache #GC9B94J and #GC9B93X. With these numbers, you will be given the exact coordinates of our hidden treasures* for you to find! 
  5. Don’t forget to write in our virtual log book to let us know that you’ve found them. 

Fairy Finding Scavenger Hunt 

We have hidden an additional three creatures from Fizzlewit’s world in the windows of downtown St. Albert businesses. Using the clues below, can you find these hidden wee folks?   

  1. A silly fairy has gotten himself stuck in a gumball machine! Princess Flutterby needs your help to get him out! You’ll be able to find these two fairies in a shop window on Perron Street that is known for selling sweets and treats that are a great alternative to a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day!  
  2. A silly Glitterkin (aka Glitter Fairy) is making a glittery mess in the window of a local gallery, known for showcasing artwork by artists from all over the world! Can you spot this shiny mess? 
  3. This Gribblin’s favourite past-time is getting lost in a good book. He's a librarian’s worst nightmare because he lives on a healthy diet of paper, most often the torn last pages of our favourite novels and stories! He’s got a plain view of the Courthouse and knows that if he doesn’t stop his antics soon, he’ll be put on trial for mischief!

The City of St. Albert has worked with content developers to provide creative prompts that align with provincial public health measures, and guidance to protect the health system and the community by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your participation in today’s activity and share it with us online! Use the hashtag #40DaysofPLAY to be entered to win a prize from one of our Festival partners. 

Fairy Finding creator, Rupert Appleyard, is an award-winning artist and internationally renowned entertainer.  He has travelled the world as a performer and teacher of balloon art. Throughout his career in the performing arts he has gained a reputation for innovation and excellence.

Fairy Finding logo

Please follow all provincial public health measures when participating in 40 Days of Play activities. 

Last edited: May 22, 2021