Stamp Art with SNAP!

For Day 39, get inky and creative while you learn how to make prints easily at home! Enjoy learning all about DIY screen printing & stenciling methods with Artist, Erica Vaskevicius. Explore how to use colourful ink to make a stenciled t-shirt design.

SNAP’s Printshop and Programs Coordinator, Amanda McKenzie will show a trace monotype demo full of simple and fun printing techniques to use when out on walks or at home.

As a bonus, we’ll get a sneak peek tour of SNAP Printshop and the printing presses & equipment local artists use and then try making a print yourself! All ages are welcome!* 

Age Range
*All ages and skill levels are encouraged to participate and learn. Young children can participate with adult supervision and support.  

Armed with a design, you'll need the following materials:

T-shirt Squeegee (or plastic gift card) Scissors or a craft knife Newsprint
10-inch wood embroidery hoop Spatula Cutting Mat Iron
Mesh fabric Freezer paper or copy paper Masking tape Pail
Fabric screen print ink or fabric paint Black marker Cardboard Rag

Instructions (download/print instructions here)

  1. Build a Screen - Cut a circle about 3cm wider than the hoop out of the mesh fabric. Stretch the fabric as tightly as you can between the inner and outer hoops and tighten the screw to secure it.
  2. Make a Stencil - Using an inkjet printer, print out a design onto freezer paper. Fold in half and then cut out the black shapes. Get a grown up to help you if using a craft knife. You can also draw your own design using a black marker.
  3. Attach the Stencil - Place the fabric side of the screen down onto the stencil. Use newsprint to protect the mesh while you iron. Flip over the hoop and use masking tape to secure the outer edges of the stencil and to cover any open parts of the screen.
  4. Prepare the T-shirt - Iron out any wrinkles then measure four fingers down from the collar and mark with masking tape. Place cardboard or a few layers of newsprint inside to keep the ink from bleeding through.
  5. Print the Design - Using the masking tape mark to help centre the design, place the hoop stencil side down onto the t-shirt. Apply a line of ink along the top edge of the design. While pressing firmly down with the squeegee, pull the ink across the design. Carefully lift the screen off the t-shirt.
  6. Clean up - As soon as you're finished making your prints, remove the stencil and mesh fabric from the hoop and place into a pail of water. Rinse the screen thoroughly to remove the ink, rubbing gently to get rid of any stubborn bits. Lay flat to dry.
  7. Add Another Colour - Repeat steps 1-3 to prepare your second colour to print. When the ink is dry (about 1 hr), print the second colour with the new design.
  8. Set the Print - When the ink is completely dry, place a sheet of newsprint over the design and press with an iron.   

The City of St. Albert has worked with content developers to provide creative prompts that align with provincial public health measures, and guidance to protect the health system and the community by slowing the spread of COVID-19.

Don’t forget to take a picture of your participation in today’s activity and share it with us online! Use the hashtag #40DaysofPLAY to be entered to win a prize from one of our Festival partners.

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SNAP Gallery and Printshop is a non-profit artist-run centre with a dedication to printmaking that has been actively involved in the Edmonton and area communities since 1982. SNAP (Society of Northern Alberta Print-Artists) is one of Edmonton’s most unique and exciting visual arts organizations with a robust programming schedule, dedicated membership, active printmaking studio, and the drive to be an important community resource. 

Erica Vaskevicius is an emerging designer who lives and works in Edmonton. She loves all things indigo and challenges herself to combine this natural dye with conductive technologies through the technique of screen printing to create unique, interactive pieces. 

Please follow all provincial public health measures when participating in 40 Days of Play activities.

Last edited: August 26, 2021