Look at the Town!

Presented by Poiema Productions

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Appropriate for: Ages: 7+

Duration: 60 minutes

Festival Venue: École Father Jan  [15 Mission Avenue]

Let your imagination loose in a miniature magical world! A hit at the 2019 Edmonton International Fringe Festival, Look at the Town! is an irresistible ‘little’ play by Kenneth Brown set in a teeny tiny town with cozy houses, pristine roads and angelic parks, as well as a school, skating rink and, of course, not one, but two “Him Tortons” coffee shops.

However, when this idyllic small town starts to lose not only its local businesses, but also sense of place and culture after a Mega Mart moves in, it’s up to a precocious 11-year-old heroine named Isabel to save the day. With the help of her great friends, the group gets creative to express themselves, build a sense of community and rescue the town from the forces of mass production and fear! Through changing seasons, a gentle plot line, little epiphanies and sweet moments, audiences will fall under the spell of this truly enchanting piece of theatre.

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Tuesday, May 26 — 9:45 AM • 11:45 AM
Wednesday, May 27 — 1:15 PM
Thursday, May 28 — 9:45 AM • 11:45 AM
Friday, May 29 — 1:15 PM
Saturday, May 30 — 11 AM
Sunday, May 31 — 12:45 PM

Curriculum Connections

identity, respecting ideas, collaboration, astronomy, friendship, creating community, diversity, seasons, theatre, acting, teamwork, and attentive viewing and listening

Resources for Groups

Please visit this section for important details for groups such as bus drop-off zones.

Sensory Considerations

low venue lights and a theatre-in-the-round seating layout (audience surrounds the stage)

Last edited: January 16, 2020