OTÂCIMOW ᐅᑖᒋᒧᐤ Storyteller

Canadian flag

Appropriate for: All Ages

Duration: 45 minutes

Festival Venue: École Father Jan  [15 Mission Avenue]

Powwow dance, hoop dance and Métis jigging are beautiful expressions of Indigenous Peoples’ rich history and culture. Otâcimow (Oh-tea-see-maw), which means “storyteller” in the Plains Cree language, will mesmerize audiences with colourful pageantry, dramatic dancing and the soothing sounds of Native flute.

As with the Indigenous Peoples in Canada, stories of the land and animals come alive as we journey back in time when all things were connected to the cycles of Life and Natural Law. Created exclusively for the International Children’s Festival of the Arts by accomplished Edmonton-based dancer, educator and Festival favourite Amanda Lamothe, this energetic performance features the talents of nine gifted dancers and offers a rare opportunity to experience the stunning vibrancy of Indigenous culture.


Tuesday, May 26, 2020 — 1:45 PM
Wednesday, May 27, 20209:45 AM SOLD OUT • 11:30 AM SOLD OUT
Thursday, May 28, 2020 — 1:45 PM
Friday, May 29, 20209:45 AM SOLD OUT • 11:30 AM SOLD OUT
Saturday, May 30, 2020 — 2:15 PM
Sunday, May 3, 20201 — 11 AM

Curriculum Connections

Indigenous world views, language, oral storytelling, physical education, music, dance, science/nature, cultures and traditions

Resources for Groups

Please visit this section for important details for groups such as bus drop-off zones.

Sensory Considerations

low venue lights, live music, and a theatre-in-the-round seating layout (audience surrounds the stage)

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