Festival Geocaching

Official Geocaching Activity 

Hidden amongst the beautiful trail system of St. Albert, our festival has placed TWO official geocaches for your family to find! One contains a magical creature from Fizzlewit’s world, and the other is a small fairy house, nestled amongst the trees. 


  • To find our official geocaches, download the official geocaching.com app to your mobile device.  
  • Create a profile for yourself.  
  • Once you are registered and logged in, click the “PLAY’ button and choose “SEARCH” 
  • SEARCH for Cache #GC9B94J and #GC9B93X. With these numbers, you will be given the exact coordinates of our hidden treasures* for you to find! 
  • Don’t forget to write in our virtual logbook to let us know that you’ve found them.


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Last edited: May 4, 2022