The Wizards Of Oakwood Drive

The Wizards Of Oakwood Drive is a live, interactive, online performance for young audiences taking place on Zoom. Two sibling wizards perform spells in a winner-take-all contest, and with a little help from parents in advance of the show, magic will happen in your own home. During the performance, the battling wizards perform magic which send your kids on a treasure hunt culminating in the kids determining—once and for all—who the best wizard is on Oakwood Drive! Children participate from all over the world…all you need is a wifi connection and a few household items to make the wizardry happen.

SHHHH, parents you are accomplices to the sorcery and will get a short list of items and instructions to help bring this magical adventure to life.

Dates & Times:
Saturday, June 5, 2021 • 10 AM
Sunday, June 6, 2021 • 10 AM and 1 PM

Ages: 4 - 12 years

Cost: $30 (GST included)

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Please note:
Tickets can only be purchased until 5 PM on Friday, June 4 to ensure additional information can be shared with the purchaser.  

Last edited: June 4, 2021