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City of St.Albert
Shaw’s Toddler Town Header Image

Shaw’s Toddler Town

Ages: 0 to 4 years

Cost: $10/Child [plus GST]  (Adults: Free)

Geared towards children four years of age and under, Shaw’s Toddler Town is truly a festival-within-a-festival. This whimsical little town features storytelling, puppets, musical performances, crafts, family games, an active fun zone with hula hoops, balls and soft tumbling mats, as well as a quiet space for nursing moms, diaper change area and lots of stroller parking too! 

Interactive toddler-friendly acts at the Festival this year include Nature’s Ride, where children will learn about the ocean through a blend of storytelling, original music and dancing, Rattle and Strum, an irresistibly fun musical experience, and St. Albert Public Library Storytelling that makes reading fun with the help of draw-and-tell, puppets, musical instruments, flannelgraphs and even a parachute!

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Performances By:

St. Albert Public Library
Story Time

Get hooked on books! Interactive tales, songs and puppets help to capture your child’s imagination and encourage them to develop a lifelong love of reading. With a turn of the page, books become Your Passport to Adventure!


Tuesday, May 30 10 AM  |  12:15 PM
Wednesday, May 31 10:45 AM  |  1 PM   |  2:30 PM
Thursday, June 1 10 AM  |  12:15 PM
Friday, June 2 10:45 AM   |  1 PM   |  2:30 PM
Saturday, June 3 11 AM   |  12:30 PM   |  3:30 PM
Sunday, June 4 11:45 AM  |  1:15 PM   |  3:30 PM

Rattle & Strum

Armed with silly songs, infectious retro-grooves and catchy tunes, this highly interactive duo will knock your socks off. With extra instruments for your little musicians to jam along, Rattle & Strum will create a one-of-a-kind musical experience that is irresistibly fun.


Tuesday, May 30 10:45 AM  |  1:45 PM
Wednesday, May 31 10 AM  |  11:30 AM
Thursday, June 1 10:45 AM   |  1:45 PM
Friday, June 2 10 AM   |  11:30 AM
Saturday, June 3 11:45 AM   | 2 PM
Sunday, June 4 11 AM   |  2:45 PM   |  4:15 PM

Nature's Ride

Armed with puppets, horns and bubble makers, Nature’s Ride will deliver an inspiring message to little ones about the environment and caring for their new ocean friends Akai, Mamoo and Mrs. Jellyfish.


Tuesday, May 30 11:30 AM   |  1 PM
Wednesday, May 31 12:15 PM   |  1:45 PM
Thursday, June 1 11:30 AM  |  1 PM
Friday, June 2 12:15 PM   |  1:45 PM
Saturday, June 3 1:15 PM   |  2:45 PM  |  4:15 PM
Sunday, June 4 12:30 PM  |  2 PM

Sponsored by:

Craft Area sponsored by:

Mommy Lounge sponsored by:

Community Partners:

Early Years Coalition

The Early Years Coalition is an organization that works together to inform, engage and inspire families and communities to support the development of young children. There is a focus on the following areas of development: communication, emotional maturity, physical health and well being, social competence and language and writing skills. The EYC will providing a visual art activity to the patrons of Shaw’s Toddler Town!

St. Albert Public Library

The St. Albert Public Library offers daily children’s programs in an environment that invites you to learn in a vibrant and supportive space. As well as providing storytelling on the main stage of Shaw's Toddler Town, the St. Albert Public Library will be setting up a quiet reading corner for festival patrons, and assisting the Early Years Coalition with the development and creation of the visual art activity.

Music for Young Children

Music for Young Children believes that music is a gift that lasts a lifetime, and all children and families deserve quality music education. They have developed a curriculum that is created to build and sustain a wide and firm music foundation. Students learn how to play piano, read music and other musical elements such as sight reading, composition and ensemble. MYC has developed several different musical lessons and will be setting up a musical garden on the Shaw's Toddler Town site!

Young Engineers

Edutainment; be entertained and get educated along the way: Young Engineers believes in the future of engineering, science and the way those fields will better the world. They have developed programs for kids at the preschool level that teach subjects in unique ways. Young Engineers believes these subjects are the way of the future. YE will be building 3D models with K’NEX parts!


Sportball encourages kids to ‘play with passion, play for fun.’ Their programming focuses on developing appropriate skills through non-competitive sports, games and activities. Sportball will be outdoors and will be bring lots of equipment to promote fun, create play!

Live it All In

Live it All In – learning through play, parenting, and everything in between.

Uninterrupted self-guided sensory play is one of the finest forms of play and education that a child of any age can be offered. Live it All In’s goal is to help parents and caregivers incorporate a variety of learning through play styles and creative processes by offering a range of ideas, instructions, and services.

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