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City of St.Albert
Plastic / Plastique Header Image

Plastic / Plastique

Puzzle Théâtre

Appropriate for:
Ages 5+

45 minutes

Festival Venue:
École Father Jan

Canadian FlagA crumpled, discarded plastic bag is rarely seen as more than garbage but for Puzzle Théâtre, it’s pure inspiration. Playful, colourful creatures are born from plastic bags and then transform right before your eyes; in Plastique these everyday objects turns into lively puppets. A giggle-inducing theatre-piece, these silly satchels explore their new world with curiosity and humour. Proving anything is possible with a little imagination, Puzzle Théâtre brings plastic to life!

“From a collection of plastic bags, the puppeteers, with exceptional talent, bring to life funny and colorful characters that are born and transformed in front of our amazed eyes.”
— La Marelle, Montréal

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Performance Start times

Tuesday, May 29 12:30 PM  /  1:45 PM
Wednesday, May 30 9:45 AM  /  11 AM
Thursday, May 31 12:30 PM  /  1:45 PM
Friday, June 1 9:45 AM  /  11 AM

Please arrive 5-10 minutes early for your scheduled performance.


Frequently Asked Questions
Curriculum Connections

This performance can be tied to educational themes on: environment, storytelling, theatre, acting, communication, exploring thoughts, ideas and emotions, creative expression, attentive listening and viewing.

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Resources for Groups

Please visit this section for important details for groups such as bus drop-off zones.

Last edited: April 11, 2018

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