Published on July 22, 2021

Ask a Local: Explore Outdoors

Ask a Local / A BLOG series

For the inside scoop on what to see and do in St. Albert, there’s no one better to ask than our locals and community champions. Whether you’re after the best coffee spot, the best taco joint, or events happening in town, the locals are always eager to share their favourite things to do in St. Albert.

About Craig: 

Craig Pilgrim is a St. Albert resident and local Realtor with the Cominghome Group, a RE/MAX brokerage firm in St. Albert. Busy husband and father to three children, Craig is an outdoor enthusiast that enjoys exploring the trails in St. Albert and local festivals with his family. He is also passionate about giving back and being a part of charities and organizations that support vulnerable citizens and communities. So, we asked Craig what he likes to do for fun in St. Albert. 

Craig Pilgrim

Favorite Hidden Gem in St. Albert?  

I really enjoy the River Lot 56 area and the trails in behind the botanic park. The whole stretch along the river is fantastic. There is something about that area from the pedestrian bridge that comes out of Oakmont and crosses over and runs all the way into River lot 56.  It's very scenic.

What are some of the most Iconic St. Albert places or photos you could take that are uniquely St. Albert? 

  • The CN Train Trestle (bonus Childrens Bridge that you stand on to see the train trestle) 
  • The Perron Street Clock Tower 
  • The Grain Elevators  

Favorite thing to do or see in St. Albert?  

Going to the trails, and exploring. Lions Park is a beautiful wooded trail for the most of it, falls under the train trestle first and then goes along the river and goes on from there. There are tons of playgrounds that you will run into if you are with your kids. You can really spend the day in the trails. 

Before the pandemic, we enjoyed the annual festivals in St. Albert such as Canada Day celebrations and the Snowflake Festival.  

Woodlands Water Play Park is a great place to go with the kids or Servus Credit Union Place to play in the pool. 

Favorite Place to Relax? 

Central Social Hall is another great place to relax. They have such a community focus and they are always giving back. We are regulars there. It’s nice to pop in for their “Happy Hour” or a pint & wings. 

Favorite Date Night Spot?  

Nello’s is a great place for any celebration or a nice night out. We love their bruschetta to start, and for spaghetti carbonara and meatballs. We are trying everything. I met the owners when I was serving on the Small Business Week Committee. They are awesome people. The recipes are Tony’s grandma’s recipes. They have amazing food and huge portions, so I always get leftovers. A great place for celebrating. 

Favorite Restaurant & Dish For Brunch? 

When we were able to go out for a nice breakfast we would go to Toast Breakfast & Lunch.  

We also discovered that Earls has a great brunch menu and we look forward to going out for dining again soon. 

Boutiques, Specialty Shops or markets in St. Albert? 

My wife is a regular attendee of the St. Albert Farmers Market. We look forward to seeing it held back in the Perron District. 

We love the theatre, and miss that being open, on early dismissal days for the kids we would take them to the movies, Servus Place or maybe St. Albert Bowling & Rec Centre. 

Are you a St. Albert Local?

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