Published on August 13, 2021

Ask a Local: Favourite Family Hangouts

Ask a Local

For the inside scoop on what to see and do in St. Albert there’s no one better to ask than the locals. Whether you’re after the best coffee spot, the best taco joint, or events happening in town, the locals are always eager to share their favorite things to do in St. Albert.

About Carmal & Leanna:

Carmal Huppie and Leanna Fox, are St. Albert residents, local business owners, and parents to busy families. On top of all that, they are co-founders of the local social media initiative called ‘Eat Local St Albert - Dish Mob’. Dish Mob started in 2017, on Facebook and Instagram and has attracted over 4,200 followers. The account creates awareness for local restaurants and connects followers (or foodies) to dining options in St. Albert.


Carmal Huppie

Leanna Fox

Leanna Fox

Carmal Huppie

What is something about St. Albert that most people don’t know?

St. Albert has a “Small town” community feel. Many people know each other, it’s a family-orientated place. The connections are really frequent and there is warmth every place you go.

What is your favorite thing about St. Albert?

We love the restaurants St. Albert restaurants are all about providing value and a well-rounded experience. You get a good atmosphere, personalized service, good meals at a great price point.

What is uniquely St. Albert?

C: We love that everything is so close. In St. Albert you can accomplish everything on your list quickly with so many shops and services so close to each other.

L: It’s easy to find things. Our communities and streets are categorized and mapped by letter here (e.g., Streets are F in Forest Lawn).

C: I love the way you feel when you are outside. When you drive up and down the hills, it is a beautiful landscape, with so many trees, and a variety of views.

Favorite Weekend stop?

L: When we are not busy working we are enjoying family activities and having fun with our kids. There is a great soccer community in the Riel area.

C: St. Albert is well known for its swimming lessons. People from St. Albert or from Edmonton drive in for the swimming lessons and programs offered at local swimming pools like Fountain Rec Centre and the Landrex Water Play Centre at Servus place.

Favorite Place to be active?

C: St. Albert has a gym that caters to everyone. There are 24-hour gyms and family fitness at Servus Place, with the fitness centre and indoor walking or running tracks.

L: Take my dogs out to the trail system & the parks.

Favorite Place to hang out and relax with family?

L: This winter we enjoyed the Lions Parks freezeway for ice skating. You can sit after a skate and have a fire and roast hot dogs.

C: Our City parks are well maintained, and great for families to enjoy. There is always a park within walking distance.

Iconic St. Albert places for a photo or selfie?

L: The clock tower to the top of Mission Hill downtown Perron District.

C: Forrest Lawn go to Flagstone street where the trees arch over the street.

Hidden gems in St. Albert?

L: Lacombe Dog Park is a hidden gem in St. Albert. It’s an inviting atmosphere that becomes a great social activity with everyone going there to enjoy the outdoor park and take their dogs.  

C: Our trail system is above and beyond most places. You can spend the entire day biking, walking, rollerblading without having to travel the main roads. St. Albert has a map online that you can access for trails by distance with options for where you may want to go or the distance of walk or run you may want to take.

Favourite Boutiques or Shops in St. Albert?

L: Diverse Boutique is a nice boutique and caters to all different sizes. I also like Cerulean Boutique for a more personalized shopping experience.

Favorite thing to do or see in St. Albert?

L: I like to people watch at Lacombe dog park. Take your dog and you will meet so many people.

Are you a St. Albert Local?

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