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Cycling through St. Albert is one of the best ways to take in the beautiful parks, gardens and public art. 

For an easy 11km ride, strap on your helmet and start at Kingswood Day Use Area on the east end of the city; as you travel west, you will come to the St. Albert Botanic Park, a stunning five-acre park filled with lilacs, roses and lilies. It’s worth a quick stop. Carrying on westward along the river, you ride into the heart of downtown St. Albert, the Perron District. Named after one of St. Albert’s founding businessmen, the Perron District is home to many great restaurants and one of a kind shops. Perfect if you need to stop for some refreshment before carrying on. 

Back on the trail, you will pass St. Albert Place and some impressive aboriginal-themed granite sculptures by artist Stewart Steinhauer.  Passing the iconic trestle bridge, you will end your ride at the BLESS platform at Big Lake. Take this opportunity to stretch your legs and marvel at one of Alberta’s premier wetlands. Big Lake is recognized as a globally significant “Important Bird Area” for its abundant and diverse bird populations, especially waterfowl and shorebirds. It’s a perfect place to rest and reflect before you head back.

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More to Do

Have a picnic

Pack a BBQ picnic and enjoy the afternoon grilling in the open air and playing ball with your friends at Lions Park.

Play with your dog

Bring your dog to the off-leash park at Lacombe Lake Park and enjoy the beauty of the lake or get in a quick workout by running the stairs.


Play this large-scale version of ping pong at specialized courts in Lacombe Park - 139 Larose Drive and Alpine Park - 36 Alpine Boulevard.

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Last edited: July 27, 2020