Heritage Management Plan

Guiding historic conservation

The City of St. Albert, with the support of the Province of Alberta’s Municipal Heritage Partnership Program, has developed a Heritage Management Plan to guide conservation of St. Albert’s historic resources, raise public awareness of community heritage issues, identify partnership opportunities and develop policies surrounding the sites identified on the 2010 Heritage Inventory of private and public properties.

This project builds on the success of previous civic initiatives, beginning with the purchasing and restoration of key historic sites by the City starting in the 1990s, the establishment of a Places of Interest List, a Heritage Inventory, and the integration of heritage into St. Albert’s Municipal Development Plan (2011). A further goal of the project is to develop informed policy and program improvements based on community consultation and a comprehensive review of municipal best practice models in Canada and beyond.

St. Albert Heritage Inventory (2010)

Copies of the inventory are available through Cultural Services or the Musée Heritage Museum, both of which can be found on the first floor at St. Albert Place.

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Last edited: October 25, 2022