Background Information

A place for healing

The Healing Garden was created along the Red Willow Trail across from St. Albert Place in 2017 to recognize and acknowledge the survivors of Indian Residential Schools in St. Albert. It is meant to be a therapeutic place of reconciliation that will bring awareness, education, and cultural teachings to the community.

The Healing Garden is a community project led by a planning committee consisting of survivors of Indian Residential Schools, representatives from the First Nations and Métis communities, the United Church, the Catholic Church, the general community and the City of St. Albert.  


It is to be a place of truth and reconciliation, a visible sign of our community’s commitment to walk in right relations with  First Nation, Métis and Inuit peoples, and with all Nations. 


To create an accessible therapeutic sanctuary for survivors of Indian Residential Schools, and victims of abuse on a transformative reconciling journey.  To connect with an entire community for heightened awareness, to learn and grow from trauma to triumph, through prayer, meditation, and cultural teachings.

The Truth and Reconciliation Commission

In March 2015, Edmonton hosted the last national event of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission.  The Truth and Reconciliation Report (TRC) was created as a component of the Indian Residential Schools Settlement Agreement and strives to document the truth of the survivors, families and communities who were part of the experience. This has been a historic time for our country that will help us to pave a path for all of us to walk together with respect and mutual understanding.

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Last edited: January 22, 2020