TRC Calls to Action

Moving Forward

The City of St. Albert is committed to moving forward to address the relevant TRC Calls to Action.

In 2019, an internal circle was created to:

  • Engage the Indigenous and local community to identify the best way to move forward towards reconciliation;
  • Engage the Indigenous community and local community to develop an appropriate land acknowledgment statement and protocols for the City; and to
  • Develop a cultural awareness training program for the City.

The circle has since grown to include our partners, such as the Michif Cultural Connections, the St. Albert Public Library, and the Arts and Heritage Foundation.

The initial work of the circle will include three phases.

Phase 1 - Information Gathering

This portion of the initiative is intended to identify the City of St. Albert’s approach to developing a community-based reconciliation action plan. It is extremely important that reconciliation efforts are done in a respectful and collaborative manner. Engagement sessions will take place in March and April. There will also be complementary meetings with Indigenous rights holders and partners in St. Albert.

The initial opportunity for the public to participate in the Indigenous Advisory Process is to complete the first of two questionnaires. Residents are invited to share what they know and feel about reconciliation in St. Albert.

The second questionnaire will ask about residents’ feedback on the newly proposed land acknowledgement. The questionnaires will be available on the City website until May 17, 2019.

Phase 2 - Reconciliation Action Planning

Phase 3 - Implementation And Evaluation

City Council will officially make a commitment to Reconciliation at a future Council meeting.

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Last edited: January 22, 2020