Municipal Historic Resources

Designating important developments

Municipal Historical Resources (MHRs) are buildings, structures, landscapes, or features representing an important development in St. Albert. It may have a unique architectural style or be associated with a prominent person or event in St. Albert’s history. Conservation of heritage properties is important in protecting unique historic buildings and neighbourhoods, and in recognition of St. Albert’s cultural heritage.

St. Albert has established a Municipal Historic Conservation Program to help identify, evaluate and manage significant historical places in the community. Within this program, historic resources are first identified and documented in a Heritage Survey.  Sites from the Heritage Survey with high heritage value and architectural significance are evaluated before being added to a Heritage Inventory. Properties on the Heritage Inventory are then eligible for designation as a Municipal Historic Resource.

Municipal Historic Resource Designation

A property owner in the City of St. Albert can apply to have their property designated as a Municipal Historic Resource and listed on the City of St. Albert’s Heritage Register. Historic resources are eligible for designation if they are included in St. Albert’s Heritage Inventory and have a Statement of Significance, which is the official document required at the local, provincial and national level for inclusion on a Heritage Register.

Municipal Historic Resources are legally protected and help to ensure a resource’s long-term preservation. The designation is passed through bylaw by City Council and registered against the property’s title in the Land Titles Registry in accordance with the Historical Resources Act. Designated properties may not be altered in any way without first obtaining written permission from the City. 

The Standards & Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada and a historic resource’s Statement of Significance will be used to evaluate the appropriateness of any proposed alterations to a Municipal Historic Resource and eligibility for conservation grants. The demolition of a Municipal Historic Resource is not permitted.

Alberta Historical Resources Act

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Last edited: July 26, 2021