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Friends of St. Albert Children's TheatreThe mandate of the Friends of St. Albert Children’s Theatre Society is to support theatre arts for youth and to encourage youth’s contribution to community leadership. The Friends Society has an elected Board of Directors and an Executive Committee comprised of community members and business leaders who have a strong commitment to providing exposure to theatre and leadership skills for children. The Friends Society holds an Annual General Meeting each September.

The Friends of St. Albert Children’s Theatre Society ensures all children receive the opportunity to become involved in SACT. The Friends Society supports children from economically disadvantaged homes through a scholarship program and ensures SACT’s programs are accessible to children with special needs.

Your 2022-2023 board

Darla Woodley / President

Andrea Daly / Secretary

Christine Davage / Treasurer

Jennifer Woodburn / Director

Raili Woolam / Director

Holly Symonds-Brown / Director

Jennifer Spataro / Director

Michelle Pyesmany / Director

Diane Alguire / Director

If you're interested in joining the Board or learning more about our work please email:

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Last edited: March 3, 2023