Residential Inspection Cycle

The City of St. Albert Assessment Department conducts annual inspections to meet Alberta Municipal Affairs audit standards. Municipal Affairs audit standards require that every residential property be re-inspected once every four to six years. The City of St. Albert is currently on a six-year re-inspection cycle. A six-year inspection program will result in the Assessment Department inspecting roughly 4500 properties per year. The authority to collect this information is granted to the assessor under section 295 of the Municipal Government Act. Some methods used to gather property information are listed below. 

Door to Door Property Inspections

A property assessor will stop by each house and knock on your door; the assessor will ask a series of questions to confirm the property information on file is up to date and accurate. With reasonable notice, they may be required to enter the property to conduct the inspection. The assessor will take an updated exterior photo of the property on their way out. Assessors will carry ID badges identifying them as City of St. Albert Employees.

Suppose the assessor stops by and no one is home. In that case, they will drop off a yellow call-back card, which will note the reason the assessor stopped by and the contact information of the assessor and assessment office. 

In any in-person interaction, please ask the assessor to present 
identification at the door. 

Residential Request for Information (RFI)

The residential request for information is a survey sent to property owners to supplement the assessment department's annual inspection program. The survey is an efficient method for gathering up to date and accurate property information. 

Maintaining accurate property data is critical in producing fair and equitable market value assessments. 

Any information provided in the assessment questionnaire is confidential and will only be used by the St. Albert Assessment Department.

There are three methods to complete the survey,

QR Code: Scan the QR code on your request for information letter with your mobile device. Once scanned, enter your roll number and survey key. 

Online: at Enter your roll number and survey key provided in the request for information letter

Phone: Call the Assessment Department. An assessor can assist you in filling out the questionnaire. (780) 459-1603


If you have any questions or concerns or to request a property inspection, please contact the Assessment Department.

Phone: 780-459-1603

Last edited: January 7, 2021