Pre-Authorized Payment Plan

The Pre-Authorized Tax (PAT) payment plan is an optional plan allowing you to pay your taxes in 12 monthly installments instead of a single yearly payment. It follows the regular tax year, which runs from January to December. Your first five monthly payments (January to May) will be estimated based on your previous year's taxes.

When you receive your annual tax notice in May, any adjustments required as a result of the annual levy will be spread over the last seven payments of the year. Your tax notice will reflect the revised monthly amount. Arrangements can be made to allow you to join the plan during the current tax year.

View an Example Payment Plan

Step 1Step 2
Last Year's Taxes$3,000New Tax Bill Arrives$3,200
  Subtract Amount Paid-$1,250
  New Balance (June-Dec)$1,950
Payments (Jan - May)$1,250October$279
  Payments (June-Dec)$1,950
  Total Paid for the Year$3,200

Requirements for Eligibility

  1. You must have chequing privileges at a bank, trust company, treasury branch, or credit union; and
  2. Your application must be received before the start of the next calendar year.

Payments may only be made by automatic withdrawal from your chequing account. The City of St. Albert requires your written permission before the withdrawals begin. There is no charge for this service; however, your normal bank service charges may apply.

Complete and sign an authorization form, which can be obtained from City of St. Albert Taxation.

Return the form along with a sample cheque marked "VOID" to:

City of St. Albert
5 St. Anne Street  
St. Albert, AB  T8N 3Z9

Your account can be debited on either the 15th or the last day of each month, whichever best fits your budget or payday cycle. Enrollment in the plan continues from year to year until cancelled. There's no need to reapply unless you move.

Changing the Plan

The City of St. Albert requires two weeks' notice to make any changes to your account. Changes include the use of a different chequing account, withdrawing from the plan, or buying, selling or building a new property.

If you are changing your chequing account, you must provide a new "VOID" cheque to Taxation at least two weeks before the next payment date.

You may withdraw from the plan at any time by giving written notice to the City. If payments are missed, the City of St. Albert reserves the option to cancel the agreement.

If you withdraw from the plan or your plan is cancelled, all unpaid taxes become due and payable, and are subject to penalties in accordance with the penalty bylaw.

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Last edited: May 20, 2022