Current Tax Rates

2024 Residential Tax Rates

Property tax rates to be levied against assessable property within the City of St. Albert for the 2024 taxation year. 

The 2024 tax rates that were approved by City Council on May 7, 2024 (Bylaw 13/2024), are shown below:

ResidentialTax Rate (Mills)
Residential - Municipal 8.54504
Residential - Servus Capital Debenture0.14065
Residential - Education2.48748
Residential - Homeland Housing 0.07991
Total Residential11.25309

2024 Vacant Residential Tax Rates (Bylaw 32/2015)

Rates apply only to residential lots which have remained vacant for 7 or more years.

Vacant ResidentialTax Rate (Mills)
Vacant Residential - Municipal 10.67324
Vacant Residential - Servus Capital Debenture0.14065
Vacant Residential - Education2.48748
Vacant Residential - Homeland Housing 0.07991
Total Vacant Residential13.38128

2024 Non-Residential Tax Rates

Non-ResidentialTax Rate (Mills)
Municipal 12.98740
Servus Capital Debenture0.14065
Homeland Housing 0.12240
Total Non-Residential16.90642

*Please contact Assessment at 780-459-1603 for annexation tax rates or visit the 2024 Property Tax Rate Bylaw.

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Last edited: May 10, 2024