Assessment Request For Information Survey

Requests for Information (RFIs): Your Role in Fair Assessments

The City of St. Albert is committed to ensuring fair and equitable assessments for all property owners. A key part of achieving this goal involves the collection of accurate and current property data through Requests for Information (RFIs). Your response to these RFIs plays a crucial role in our assessment process.

Why RFIs Matter

RFIs are sent to both residential and non-residential property owners and are essential for:

Maintaining Up-to-Date Records: Help us keep our property records accurate, reflecting any changes since the last assessment.

Ensuring Equity: Your information supports our commitment to fairness by enabling us to assess properties correctly.

Legal Compliance: Under section 295.1 of the Municipal Government Act, property owners are required to provide the requested information, contributing to the overall integrity of the municipal tax system.

Responding to RFIs


Each RFI includes a specified deadline. Prompt responses are vital as:

Compliance with Legislation: Late or non-responses can affect your ability to appeal assessments, as stipulated by the Municipal Government Act.

Impact on Assessment Appeals: Failing to provide requested information within 60 days from the request date limits your rights to make a complaint in the following assessment year.


The City of St. Albert values your privacy. Information provided in RFIs is:

Securely Handled: Used exclusively by the Assessment Services for assessment purposes.

Protected: Disclosed only as required by law, adhering to the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act (FOIP) and the Municipal Government Act.

How to Complete Your RFI

Access: Use the link provided in our communication to access the RFI form or click here.

Enter Required Information: Include your property’s Roll Number and Survey Key.

Contact Information: Fill out your name, property address, daytime phone, and email.

Answer Questions: Provide responses based on your best knowledge and submit.

Note: In case of inactivity, you may need to restart the survey. The previously entered information will be saved.

Important: Due to system limitations, not all registered property owner names may be displayed.

Need Help?

If you have questions or need assistance with your RFI, please contact us at 780-459-1603 or via email at Our team is here to support you through the process, ensuring that your property is assessed fairly and accurately.

This page is designed to clearly explain the purpose, importance, and process of completing RFIs for the City of St. Albert's property owners, focusing on their crucial role in the assessment process without delving into the broader aspects of property assessments.

Last edited: May 31, 2024