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The City of St. Albert offers an enhanced interactive map feature (LandScape) for residents who are interested in accessing, viewing and printing property assessment information or are interested in locating a specific address. This service uses City data to ensure that the interactive map is constantly updated as major changes, such as construction, occur throughout the city.

Details such as assessed property value, legal property description, year built, and tax levy for the assessment year are available from an interactive map. Residents can also produce a formatted property information report for selected properties containing this information. Residents can also create custom maps that can be printed or saved in a PDF format.

Launch LandScape

User Instructions

For more detailed information and training instructions on how to use the various features of this interactive map application, please review the answers below.

How can I search for a residential property?

  • Click the Launch LandScape link above.
  • To find an address in St. Albert, click on the I Want To menu and choose Search for an address.
  • To search for a property by legal description or roll number, open up the toolbars by selecting the tool icon in the upper right-hand corner of the map.  Select the Query tab to access the various search refinement tools.
  • For both search methods described above, the results will appear in a panel to the left of the map window. Select the property record you wish to view and the map will auto-zoom to that location, and the requested property details will display in a panel to the right.

How do I create a property report?

  • To create a property report for the selected property or properties click on the hamburger icon (three stacked horizontal lines) to the right of the "Query Results" panel title and select the Run a Report option.
  • To run a quick property report simply click on a property using the Identify Tool in the I Want To menu and, if the record pop-up appears on the map, select the Run a Report option.

How do I create a printable map of a property?

  • Click on the I Want To button and select Create a Printable Map.
  • Select the Layout, Output Format, Resolution and Map Scale that you would like. You can also enter a Map Title and Notes that you want included on your map.
  • Click Create File to generate your map and then click Open File to view the PDF map.

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Last edited: September 29, 2022