RCMP Constable Wynn Legacy Initiative

The Committee

The development of a legacy initiative is underway to honour RCMP Constable David Wynn.

The City of St. Albert created an independent community-based planning committee that developed and guided the implementation of the plan for the RCMP Constable Wynn Legacy Initiative.

The plan includes four distinct steps:

  1. Formation of a Planning Committee with the mandate to develop the plan for the legacy initiative.
  2. Detailed Planning of Memorial
    • Once a legacy initiative concept was proposed, the City facilitated the cost estimation and detailed planning work required.  
  3. Fund Development Campaign
    • A fund development campaign is now being launched.
  4. The implementation of the proposed legacy initiative.
    • Once the funds have been put in place, the City will take the lead in facilitating any construction required. The Planning Committee will act as the ‘client representative’ during the construction.
    • The City will assist where necessary in the establishment of any other parts of the memorial plan as may be deemed necessary.

The City has allocated $100,000 as an initial contribution.

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Last edited: August 28, 2018