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City of St.Albert
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Safe Journeys to School


It is a priority to create and encourage a safer road environment throughout St. Albert, particularly around areas where there are high numbers of vulnerable road users (pedestrians, cyclists). A proactive approach to enhancing road design or better warning or informing road users of safe and reasonable behaviour will influence overall traffic safety and confidence in all modes of travel. 

St. Albert has a range of infrastructure and safety measures in place, in school zones, and across the city, that provide warning to drivers and indicate pedestrian conflict points; however, pedestrian incidents involving vehicles still occur. It is clear engineering solutions alone cannot address the issue.

The Safe Journeys to School project provides a comprehensive review of various activities, infrastructure, and measures that address an overall community approach to school route safety.

City of St. Albert's Action Plan

The City's Action Plan involves work such as retrofitting existing school zone crosswalks, drop-off zones and bus bays, as well as school zone traffic calming and signage upgrades. These actions will be completed over seven years (until 2021) with a capital cost for these City-led actions of approximately $4.38 million.

2016 Implementation Plan

Final Consultant's Report

In 2015, St. Albert City Council approved the Safe Journeys to School Final Consultant's Report, which includes numerous short, medium and long-term recommended strategies for the City, St. Albert schools, the RCMP and School Districts to consider to enhance the safety of students in and around school zones. 

The report:

  • Identifies the most effective engineering, education, enforcement and encouragement strategies to enhance student travel safety throughout the city;
  • Showcases input from over 1,500 residents; and
  • Offers recommendations and specific action plans to enhance traffic and student safety for all 27 existing schools and the new school site in St. Albert.

Safe Journeys to School Final Consultant's Report:


For More Information:

Dean Schick, Transportation Manager

Last edited: November 14, 2017

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