Billing Periods and Benefits

As the City changes to monthly utility billing, residents will continue to receive their utility bills at approximately the same time every month as they did with bi-monthly billing. For example, if you received your bill at the end of the month, you will continue to receive your bill at the end of the month. However, it will now arrive every month instead of every two months.  

With the move to monthly utility billing, residents will receive a more up to date billing period shortly after a water meter reading is obtained.

To transition from bi-monthly billing to monthly billing, the City will be increasing the billing period by five or six days over six months to reduce the impact on utility bills.

  • By transitioning the billing period over six months, customers will see a more consistent monthly bill as the billing is more closely aligned with the meter reads.
  • By moving the reading date closer to the billing date, customers are more familiar with the cause of changes in water usage.

To obtain a more up to date billing period, we are extending our billing period over six months to eliminate the one month delay in billing. This means that the flat rates for each billing period over the next 6 months will be increased by 1/6  (one month of arrears / six months catch up period). Published and approved flat rates in the Bylaws on the website are per month. For the extended billing periods, the flat rates will be increased by 1/6 each billing period. For example, the flat water rate is $10.06 per month. 1/6 of the flat rate is $1.68; therefore, the flat water rate for the extended billing period is $11.74.

Water Consumption and Wastewater Treatment fees are still based on the date the reading is obtained from your water meter. Reading periods will be extended by two to five days each month as we move towards a more up to date billing period. The number of days each month will vary for each neighbourhood as areas are currently read on different dates during the month.

The extended flat rates may be reduced by a cent or two in later months. This is to ensure that we don’t collect anything above the total flat rate at the end of the six months.

Flat Rate for Extended Period

 Monthly1/6 of RateFlat Rate
Supplemental Captial Contribution - Water$6.27$1.05$7.32
Supplemental Capital Contribution - Wastewater$3.35$0.56$3.91
Stormwater - Residential - single/side-by-side$16.11$2.69$18.80
Stormwater - Residential - stacked/condo$11.08$1.85$12.93
Stormwater - Residential - industrial/commercial$43.09$7.18$50.27
General Waste Collection$7.88$1.32$9.20
Small (80 Litre) Garbage Cart$1.16$0.20$1.36
Medium (120 Litre) Garbage Cart$4.87$0.81$5.68
Large (240 Litre) Garbage Cart$10.04$1.68$11.72
Recycling Program$6.54$1.09$7.63
Organics Program$6.72$1.12$7.84

Benefits of Monthly Billing

  • Easier for residents to manage their cash flow. There will be smaller bills every month instead of a large bill every two months.
  • In line with how other utility and household bills are handled (i.e. gas/electricity, cable, internet etc.)
  • Supports conservation, as the new online portal (coming in summer 2019), will allow residents to monitor their water consumption monthly rather than bi-monthly. This increased reporting allows for more timely decisions and actions.

Billing Period Schedule

Billing DateBilling Period
May 31, 2019March 1 to April 30
July 31, 2019May 1 to June 30
August 31, 2019July 1 to August 5
September 30, 2019August 6 to September 10
October 31, 2019September 11 to October 15
November 30, 2019October 16 to November 20
December 31, 2019November 21 to December 25
January 31, 2020December 26 to January 31
February 28, 2020February 1 to 28

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Last edited: October 28, 2019