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Register today for utility e-billing through MyCity, one of the many features you can access through the online service. You can also view your utility account balance, manage pre-authorized payments, and review multiple years of billing history for your garbage, water, and sewer services.

Along with utility service records and billing, MyCity allows residents and local businesses to register for and manage these other services too:

  • Business licence registration and renewals
  • Dog licence records and billing
  • Assessment and taxation records

Register for E-billing at MyCity

What's required?

Signing up for MyCity and adjusting your utility account for e-billing takes about 5-10 minutes while following these steps:

  1. Register for a MyCity Profile
    You will need to provide a minimal amount of contact information and select a password
  2. Activate your MyCity Profile
    We'll send you an email with an activation link. Follow that link to activate your profile. Once activated, return to the MyCity login screen.
  3. Login to MyCity
  4. Prepare to connect your Utility Account to your MyCity Profile
    For this step, you will require the account number and access code from your latest utility bill. A provided example bill will show you where to easily locate this information
  5. Connect your Utility Account and Activate E-Billing
    The form where you must provide an account number and access code to connect your utility account will also ask you to consider subscribing for e-billing. Choose Yes and click Register.

Upon completion of the last step, you will now have access to your account details, its billing history, and be registered to receive monthly e-billings from the City.

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Last edited: February 10, 2021