Billing Rates

Monthly Utility Rates

Water Rates20222023
Flat Rate (per month)$11.14$11.98
Water Rate (per cubic metre)$1.85$1.85
Supplemental Capital Contribution$0.61$1.77
Wastewater Rates20222023
Flat Rate (per month)$12.19$12.88
Wastewater rate 100% (per cubic metre)$2.08$2.10
Wastewater rate 80% (per cubic metre)$2.60$2.63
Supplemental Capital Contribution$1.57$0.35
Stormwater Rates20222023
Residential - single/side-by-side$16.18$16.18
Residential - stacked/condo$11.08$11.08
Non-Residential - industrial/commercial$43.09$43.09
Supplemental Capital Contribution$1.82$4.74
Solid Waste Rates20222023
General waste collection$8.96$9.42
Small (80 Litre) Garbage Cart$1.25$1.30
Medium (120 Litre) Garbage Cart$5.25$5.41
Large (240 Litre) Garbage Cart$10.40$10.40
Extra Garbage Tags (each)$2.25$2.25
Recycling program$6.54$6.54
Organics program$6.72$6.72
Supplemental Capital Contribution$0.00$0.00
Average Monthly Bill*$139.01$144.24

* The average monthly bill is based on water use of 16m³ and the Large (240 Litre) cart option for garbage.

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Last edited: December 21, 2022